Orange Answerphone (Voicemail) Number for PAYG

My phone, a Nokia N73, came on an O2 contract but I’ve switched to Orange. Unfortunately that means that when I press the voicemail button the phone dials 901 (O2’s number).
I couldn’t figure out what the Orange voicemail number was which was a bit of a pain. Luckily I found it quickly.

routing code

A few minutes googling revealed it to be 123. This seems to work for Pay As You Go and contract customers alike.

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  1. Rob says:

    You can contact Orange customer services who will be able to send new settings to your phone which, once installed, will allow you to press 1 for your voicemail. Pay as you go customer services is 450, and 150 for pay monthly. You can also access your voicemail remotely from any other phone (as long as it’s not an Orange handset) by dialing 07973100123. Hope this is abit more useful for you!

  2. umar says:

    i need help because some one has changed my voice mail number to some thing and i have rang orange and they you should say to some who is one orange to check they number and pass it on to the person who needs it can somebody help me plzzzzzz

  3. Neill says:

    Yes, 123 is right. Thanks. I had exactly the same problem, now resolved.

  4. Annette says:

    thanx all very helpful all resolved

  5. Jon Brown says:

    Yeah the shit thing is, it costs 25p/pm to dial answerphone on PAYG

  6. dina says:

    this didn’t help me at all I only want to find out the number for checking how many messages you have and also how many minutes on the Internet I have left so thanks for nothing

  7. Stuart says:

    Dina – you sound very ungratefull – not to say ungracious!

    However, for your information, the number you want is 150

  8. jim says:

    how do I turn off voicemail

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