Copy and Paste on N73

I’ve had this phone for over a year now and have, to my shame, only just figured out how to copy and paste.  I had an inkling it could do it because there’s an option in your call log to “Use Number” where one of the sub-menu options is “Copy”; which just made it more frustrating that I couldn’t figure out how to paste!!

Anyway, it turns out to be an amazingly simple mechanism using the edit key (the one on the bottom left with the pencil icon on it – I knew it had to have some purpose!!). Thanks to some person called Walker for his generic guide to Symbian Series 60 functionality.

Copy: To copy text to the clipboard, hold the pencil/edit key until Copy appears on the screen above the right soft-key and scroll using the joystick to select the text. When you’ve selected the text to copy, just hit Copy.

Paste: To paste text from the clipboard, move the cursor to where you want to paste and hold the pencil key until Paste appears on the screen by your right soft key. When it appears and then press the right soft key to paste.