nerd. is a blog I (Steve) have started to keep track of my encounters with technology (the good times and the bad) and probably the odd consumer issue (likewise).

You know you’ve been there. You’ve got a new piece of kit of some description and it’s not working. You google and google, you try various tricks and nothing works. I’ve been there too, and I’m sure I’ll be there again.

I plan to document problems I encounter with whatever hardware or software causes me problems and (hopefully) how I resolved them, so that others may do similarly without getting to stressed out and/or admitting defeat.

Of course the whole point of this site is that I am unlikely to be the only person in the world experiencing these problems, so if one of my stories helps you, or you have found an alternative solution a similar problem, please leave a quick comment letting me (and other readers) know.

On the consumer front, we’ve all had experiences with a company that have been so bad we’ve wanted to warn everyone we know away from them, partly through consumer solidarity and partly through bloody-minded revenge. This blog will be one of my outlets for both of these, as well as mentioning anyone who I think is doing the job right.

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