Nokia N96 Released Early – TODAY!

Oh dear – my heart’s all aflutter!! According to reports (from dialaphone, PC World magazine, Trusted Reviews and many more) Nokia’s long-awaited (by me, anyway) N96 has been released.

It hasn’t made it’s way to the shops or web sites of any of the operators yet, but Nokia are apparently shipping N96s already! The phone’s still showing as a pre-order on Nokia’s online shop, but presumably this is because they’re shipping to customers who pre-ordered first.

I also noticed yesterday and today that Vodafone are pushing the Samsung Omnia, which is free on a £35/month contract including data (oh, yes, the inclusive data plans that hit the shops 3-4 months ago are finally available online – I think).

I think it’s safe to say things just got quite interesting.

Author: nerd.

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