"Poorly Judged and Tasteless"

It seems it’s the time for it. Queen’s University’s student newspaper, The Gown, published a story about the recent death of a man who they allege had a history of intimidating students.  Some seem to feel that it went a bit far in intimating that this death would be a source of relief to students in the area.

Then I get home on the same day and have an email from Flexicover, from whom I’ve previously bought travel insurance, using a news story about "The death of five girls involved in a tragic accident in Ecuador whilst on a gap-year" to highlight "the risks of travelling overseas" and sell me travel insurance.  They offer 6 helpful hints to people planning gap years and, unsurprisingly, number 6 is: yes, you guessed it, insurance.

A bit scummy, is it not?

Author: nerd.

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