PortableParts.co.uk Review (I got my battery)

A while back I posted a request for help tracking down a cheap replacement battery for my Acer Aspire 5003 laptop (thanks for the overwhelming response on that!) and eventually ordered one from a site called PortableParts.co.uk. I’d never heard of them before and, in common with the other shops selling the battery I needed below the £45 mark, the site, while perfectly usable, didn’t look overly impressive.

I Googled about for a few reviews and found nothing so I’m recounting my experience here in the hope it helps someone else (this is not a recommendation for or against, just my experience. I accept no liability for anything whatsoever).

As I mentioned, I ordered the replacement battery from PortableParts.co.uk. They were among the cheapest and out of those selling for under £40 they had the best site (and a phone number, which I foolishly never checked out) which made them seem more legitimate (whether that’s true or not is not for me to say).  For those of you who haven’t been following my twitter tweets, I ordered the battery just before midnight on Thursday 7th August. To my delight, the postie delivered it on the Saturday morning – to Northern Ireland no less. Better still I fired it in, charged it up and it seems to hold a longer charge than the original battery ever did (though as the original struggled to make it through a 2 hour lecture, I suppose that’s not setting the bar very high).

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that my experience with Portable Parts was very postive. Delivery was fast and to date the battery I have is working fine and I’m delighted to have a truly portable computer once again.  I didn’t try the phone number to make sure it was real or anything, but thankfully that’s because I never had cause to.  Might be worth giving them a ring to see how easy they are to get hold of before ordering anything, but I got what I ordered quickly and at a good price (£38.98 after a 10% discount).

Cheap Acer Laptop Battery: Help Wanted

I’m looking for anyone with tips about cheap laptop battery retailers.

My laptop (an Acer Aspire 5003 wlmi) battery packed in ages ago and it’s a pain in the arse having a laptop that has to be plugged in.  The laptop was only £400 so it would seem a bit of a waste to spend too much on a new battery.

I could get one for about £35-£40 from a few different places but most of them look a little bit shakey (and many are the same site with different names).

So does anyone have any experiences with any of the following:

or anywhere else where I can pick up a cheap battery for the aforementioned Acer Aspire 5003 wlmi laptop?

Update: I’ve ordered from PortableParts.co.uk after finding a voucher code for 10% off everything, so it was £38.98 delivered (hopefully). Will report back if/when it arrives.