No Sound After Upgrading Asus EeePC to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

Right, at the weekend I upgraded my Asus Eee PC (1008HA for those of you interested) to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS – Lucid Lynx from the previous version, 9.10.  Everything seemed fine (I think).

Update: The problem described in this post has subsequently been investigated and solved.

On Monday or Tuesday night I then upgraded the BIOS to see if it would fix the fact that the wireless was shite when I was using Ubuntu.  (Incidentially either the BIOS or OS upgrade seems to have fixed the probelms I had connecting to one specific router)

I didn’t notice a problem at the time because I’m dual booting Windows XP and was using that, but when I booted into Ubuntu again on Thursday night, the audio didn’t seem to be working.  I quickly discovered that the sound did indeed work at the login screen, but once I logged in there was nothing (including no welcome sound).  The audio/volume functions on the Fn keys also now do nothing (though brightness ones still work!)

I think the sound was fine following the Ubuntu upgrade, but I’m not sure, so I think the BIOS upgrade has ballsed it up.  Which is a pain.  It looks like I’ll have to try reverting the BIOS and/or Ubuntu to a previous version.  Watch this space…

Author: nerd.

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8 thoughts on “No Sound After Upgrading Asus EeePC to Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)”

  1. Hello,

    Same issue. Upgraded my eeepc to lucid yesterday (was karmic UNR), no sound any more, and shortcuts does not work anymore either.
    I did not not update the bios firmware recently, so I assume Lucid is the root cause of all this.

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