playing. – Super Mario Galaxy

At the moment I’m mostly playing Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) courtesy of a 3-month free trial with

It’s an excellent game and very addictive, almost bringing me back to the days of Super Mario World on the SNES. It’s probably a little bit easier to find all the secret stuff although as yet I haven’t completed all of it. I downloaded Mario 64 for the Wii’s Virtual Console a few weeks ago for my first taste of a 3D Mario adventure, but it pales in comparison to Mario Galaxy, and not just graphically.

The story’s the traditional Mario one: Bowser has made off with Princess Toadstool and you, as Mario, have to rescue her. The gameplay is new and varied though. There are characters and enemies, but the running about flying from planet to planet is indescribable: you really just have to play it to understand.

One note to anyone playing through it at the minute. There are a total of 104 stars to find before you go and fight Bowser. Without giving too much away (and for the benefit of those who have heard talk of 120 stars) you get your 105th star for beating bowser and then the remaining 15 levels will be unlocked – so don’t worry about trying to get all 120 before the showdown with Bowser.

As I said I’ve not completed the game yet but, having beaten Bowser, I think I’ve played it enough to heartily recommend anyone who owns a Wii (and doesn’t have a trial with Love Film) to go and buy it. I really can’t put it down.

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